Meet the Animals

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Our Birds

These ladies are living the good life! They have complete (and I do mean complete!) free range of the homestead and spend their days scratching and eating to their hearts' content.
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Our Sheep

Our herd of sheep are a mix of two dairy breeds; East Friesian and Lacaune.  They enjoy grazing all day on fresh pasture. Sheep's milk is rich and creamy; the perfect combination for delicious cheese, velvety yogurt and nourishing soaps.


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Our Honeybees

Caring for the health and stability of our hives comes first; our goal is to protect and increase the population of these essential pollinators. Collecting honey is a sweet bonus to working with these bees!

livestock guardian dogs, maremma sheep dog, LGD

Our Guardians

Last, but not least, Shankley and Paisley are our Maremmas; livestock guardian dogs that live and protect our herd of sheep and flock of chickens. They live full-time with our livestock and keep them safe from potential predators. Shankly loves to cuddle and Paisley love to romp and play but, don't be fooled, they are quick to defend if they sense a threat!