About Us

Meet the Homesteaders

Stephanie and David Powers were your typical young couple, living in Queens New York and climbing that corporate ladder. They made the choice to begin paying more attention to what was in the food they ate, which evolved into a weekend hobby of visiting farm stands outside of the city. They developed relationships with the farmers they met, and ultimately a passion for the lifestyle. The couple attempted to grow plants and herbs on their tiny apartment balcony, but ultimately found themselves dreaming about living on a real farm during their many drives back and forth from the country to the city. 

One day they made the ambitious decision to purchase a five-acre property in Southern Chester County Pennsylvania. They packed up their small apartment and headed out to the country where they have been ever since! The team has doubled in size since then, adding their daughter Tallulah and son Hudson.

Their two kids are growing up outside and always covered in dirt! They are helping Mom and Dad raise their own food, learning how to hand-milk sheep, trying to save the bees, and wrangling chickens!

Stephanie started our making cheese with their sheep's milk until her friend taught her how to make soap, and the rest is history! 


What is a Homestead?

A homestead, technically speaking, is a house and surrounding land owned by a family that is devoted to crops and animals. To us, a homestead is a way of life! The idea of creating a homestead originally came from our desire to reconnect with the food we eat, our passion to become more self-sustaining, and our pursuit of eliminating unnecessary chemicals from our home and our bodies. 
We launched Plan Bee Homestead to share our farm-fresh products with other people and families. From our pasture raised eggs to our all natural sheep's milk soaps, we are committed to providing you with the best possible products from our homestead. Pure and simple products that are free from unnecessary ingredients as well as synthetic and artificial colors and fragrances. 

Our Products

Since our homestead started with the desire to provide our family with better quality, our quality products are the same ones that we use in our own house. We use organic practices, never use any pesticides, and weed all of our gardens by hand. Hand-crafted sheep's milk soap is our primary focus, but seasonally we sell other products including farm-fresh eggs, raw honey, and more. 
The key ingredient in all of our soaps is our sheep's milk. We hand milk our sheep to produce all of the milk needed in our soap process. Their raw milk is used as the base of the soap recipe, which is combined with essential oils and butters to bind. Many of our soaps are colored with natural elements like charcoal, clay, cocoa powder and even turmeric!

Our Crew

Our Birds
These ladies are living the good life! They have complete (and I do mean complete!) free range of the homestead and spend their days scratching and eating to their hearts' content.
Our Sheep

Our herd of sheep are a mix of two dairy breeds; East Friesian and Lacaune. They enjoy grazing all day on fresh pasture. Sheep's milk is rich and creamy; the perfect combination for delicious cheese, velvety yogurt and nourishing soaps.

Our Honeybees
Caring for the health and stability of our hives comes first; our goal is to protect and increase the population of these essential pollinators. Collecting honey is a sweet bonus to working with these bees!

Our Pups

Last, but certainly not least, Shankley and Paisley are our Maremmas; livestock guardian dogs that live and protect our herd of sheep and flock of chickens. They live full-time with our livestock and keep them safe from potential predators. Shankly loves to cuddle and Paisley love to romp and play but, don't be fooled, they are quick to defend if they sense a threat!