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Plan Bee Homestead

Farm-Fresh Eggs - 1 Dozen

Farm-Fresh Eggs - 1 Dozen

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Nothing beats freshly laid homestead eggs!  Tired of trying to decipher the terminology on egg cartons like "cage-free", "free-range", and "pasture-raised"? Wondering why some egg yolks are yellow and some are orange?  It is true, not all eggs are created equal. Our hens roam our 5-acre homestead completely free and feast on grass, insects, worms, and non-GMO Project Verified feed. Thanks to this natural lifestyle, their egg yolks are rich in both color and flavor. 

WE DO NOT SHIP OUR EGGS. Available for local delivery and pick-up only.

Each carton contains 12 farm-fresh eggs. Colors and sizes may vary based on the hens laying. The difference in color indicates the breed of the hen that laid it. Your carton may contain white, brown, or blue/green-colored eggs.

**Please store eggs in the refrigerator and consume within 30 days.**

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